Pocket handkerchief

The pocket handkerchief

The square or pocket handkerchief, if you prefer, is that drape peeping out of the jacket’s pocket: you can see a thin strip of it, or arranged with three points, or as a waving puff of steam. It is used to interrupt the monochrome of a jacket or to recall its colors or to harmonize with the tie, completing the glance of our suit. It is not very widespread matching square and tie unless you want to emphasize these two elements for your own reasons and without paying too much attention to the style.

It is an accessory that can always be worn; together with the jacket and, sometimes, even without a tie. As with every kind of clothing, the occasion will determine the most appropriate style, material and colors.

Cotton and linen go well with the warm season and more sporty clothes, solid colors or colorfully patterns who loves them can quietly wear even in a more informal ceremony. The same goes for wool during the winter season. Silk can be worn in summer and winter: in plain colors it appears more sober than cotton and wool. At a wedding the thin white silk ribbon that comes out of the pocket is perfect, in the countryside surrounded by the autumn colors of the forest it is nice to wear a woolen handkerchief with warm tones and small designs.

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