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Menswear has become more and more informal. Various are the causes of this trend: first the greater ease suggested by many fashion houses and creators, equally important is the duty’s fall, for many time now, that imposed people to wear formal dresses at office. To this, it should be added that the search for more comfortable and practical clothing or obstinately “glamorous” accessories does not always produce unforgettable effects on our appearance.

The rediscovery of a more classic clothing does not necessarily mean giving up one’s comfort and originality: a jacket may be is less practical than a sweatshirt but will probably allow us to feel more at ease; being looked at with a different attention will satisfy that unacknowledged bit of vanity that almost all of us possess. Wearing a nice tie over a well-ironed shirt does not make boringly classic and dull but rather innovative, even revolutionary if those around us continue to dress too casually.

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