Our made in Italy company

The whole production takes place in Italy to obtain the quality we wish: supported by the experience, we take care, with our partners, of ties, cut and manufacture. We always have worked to preserve the “made in Italy”, our main value. Today with even more force we want to continue to do so.

About fabrics, it deserves to be remembered that our silks come entirely from the city of Como where, since the fifteenth century, the cultivation of mulberry, silkworm’s essential nourishment, was strongly established and, than later, the development of the entire weaving and printing supply chain which still leads today to the creation of high quality fabrics exported all over the world.

We have continued to work, when possible, with the same providers and collaborators so as not to interrupt that friendly and trustful relationship so important to work with pleasure; some have stopped working overtime, others, like us, are in the third or fourth generation. We all share the same purpose: to be able to create quality objects and see satisfaction in the eyes of the customer.

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